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Probate, Wills & Trusts
The Private Client department at Woodland Davies offers services to young and not so young clients in terms of Will making, applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as simple and complex trust creation. Making your Will is an important undertaking and we will take every care with your affairs to ensure that your wishes are clear and conveyed appropriately.

The death of a loved one is always an emotionally trying time when paperwork seems nothing but an unnecessary inconvenience. When dealing with the affairs of someone who has died, we will always aim to ensure that there is minimum fuss, maximum efficiency and a cup of tea at the ready.

No Estate is too large or too complex for the Woodland Davies team who have extensive experience of dealing with all aspects of inheritance tax reliefs including many hours of successful negotiation with HMRC regarding agricultural and business property relief.


Administering an Estate

Applying for the grant

The first stage of the process involves ascertaining the assets of an estate, drafting the Inheritance Tax (IHT) Return and Oath for Executors/Administrators and submitting the application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

We anticipate this will take between 5 and 10 hours work at 201 or 217 per hour plus VAT. We charge a minimum fee for this stage of 900 inc VAT for estates where the short form IHT return is completed and 1,500 inc VAT where the long form is completed.

The total cost for this stage should not exceed 1,000 to 2,000 plus VAT.

Collecting and Distributing the Assets

Once the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration is received, we will deal with each of the individual assets and liabilities and, once the administration is complete, we will distribute the monies to the beneficiaries. We will provide you with Estate Accounts showing the monies we have received and paid out.

We anticipate that this will take between 5 and 20 hours of work depending on the number of assets, the liabilities and the complexities of the particular administration such as dealing with property transfers. The average cost for this stage is 2,000 plus VAT.

The exact cost will depend on the individual circumstances of the matter. For example, if there is one beneficiary and no property, costs will be at the lower end of the range. If there are multiple beneficiaries, a property and multiple bank accounts, costs will be at the higher end.

We will handle the full process for you. The fee ranges set out above assume :

  • There is a valid Will
  • There is no more than one property
  • There are no more than 3 bank or building society accounts
  • There are no other intangible assets
  • There are 1-5 beneficiaries
  • There are no disputes between beneficiaries on division of assets. If disputes arise this is likely to lead to an increase in costs
  • There is no inheritance tax investigation by HMRC
  • There are no claims made against the estate

Disbursements are not included in the fee and are payable as follows:

  • Probate application fee of 155 plus 0.50 for each additional copy
  • 7 Swearing of the oath (per executor)
  • Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department searches (2 per beneficiary)
  • 195 Statutory notices Protects against unexpected claims from unknown creditors.

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Potential additional costs:

  • If there is no Will
  • If the estate consists of any share holdings (stocks and bonds) there is likely to be additional costs that could range significantly depending on the estate and how it is to be dealt with. We can give you a more accurate quote once we have more information.
  • Dealing with the sale or transfer of any property in the estate is not included.
  • Foreign property
  • Beneficiaries living abroad

How long will this take?

On average, estates that fall within this range are dealt with within 6-12 months. Typically, obtaining the grant of probate takes 6-12 weeks. Collecting assets then follows, which can take a further 4-8 weeks. Once this has been done, we can distribute the assets, which normally takes a further 2-4 weeks.

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